Why hire a coordinator?

Your wedding day should be a day that you and your loved ones can enjoy. By hiring a coordinator you can focus on theimportant parts of the day, which are making memories without worrying about the little details of putting together a majorevent. 

We will take care of everything from planning, set-up, vendor coordination, timeline, and yes even a coffee run! 

I already have a coordinator through my venue, why hire another?

Venue coordinators, although helpful, have other projects and events that will split up their time. 

What is the difference between a wedding plannerand wedding coordinator?  

A wedding planner can help you with decors, research and booking vendors. It is then their responsibility to work with thosevendors during the event.

Whereas, an event coordinator will be hands-on during the event to assist vendors, complete design of the event space, andwill be fully involved in the overall planning process. 

Why should I hire you?

It is important to me that the couple and I form a relationship that will make them feel comfortable, stress-free, and trust that I will know their vision and goal of the event. Although we never expect for things to go wrong, there may be a possibility that it could, but that is what I am there for. Enjoying the day that you and your guests will hold close to your heart for years to come is your job; the rest is all up to me.

What if I don’t see a package that works for me? 

Don’t worry we can customize packages to meet your needs. We are happy to do a complimentary consultation to learn more about your upcoming event. 

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